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raccoon removalToronto is absolutely the haven of raccoons in North Ameri. Our urban neighbourhoods, laws, and less than perfect building codes have helped raccoons thrive. They nest in our attics and eat our organic waste and fruit plants in our garden. It almost seems impossible to deter them. That’s when we come in and offer professional & guaranteed service for raccoon removal in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga & GTA. By using preventative measures and proven techniques we n solve your nuisance raccoon problem and secure your property against re-entry. These opportunistic raccoons will nest where it’s comfortable and easily accessible. If your property is protected they will move on to somewhere that is not.? With years of experience and a solid track record, we have proven that you don’t need to hurt these animals nor spend a fortune. When a raccoon nests in your attic, ll immediately and have the issue resolved by professionals. Raccoon removal is not for?amateurs?and n be quite dangerous.?

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Raccoons are nocturnal animals and eat almost anything from small rodents to your garden vegetables. They love to nest in dark, dry, ?and warm spaces such as your attic or chimney. They use extensive amount of damage inside from chewing wires, displacing insulation, defeting & urinating. Female raccoons love to give birth inside the attic, usually between May-July. During this time it is extremely important to have a professional look at your situation. Do not try to block any holes yourself. For more information ll our office.

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